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The sectors of interest

The sectors of interest

The sectors of Italy/UAE bilateral interest

  • Large companies: aerospace, cyber security, energy (energy transition companies), smart grids, big data, environment, large-scale works, life sciences and pharma, transport, automotive.
  • Marine, constructions, furniture, lighting engineering.
  • Culture companies (live shows, visual arts, film, publishing, press, software, video games).
  • Creative industries (fashion design, fashion, food & wine).
  • Historical-artistic heritage (museums, libraries, archives, monuments, archaeological areas).
  • Creative-driven companies (arts and crafts, innovative manufacturing, Web marketing, creative professions, content design, food design).
  • Well-being and cosmetics.
  • Industrial design (product design, system design, 3D modelling, prototyping and engineering).
  • Interior design (architecture, living environments).
  • Design firms (learning experience design, design of organisational models and work spaces, IoT).
  • Information and Communication Design (tools, channels, languages).
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