The Belvedere and Italy’s ‘Know-How’ narrated by Gabriele Salvatores

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The Belvedere and Italy’s ‘Know-How’ narrated by Gabriele Salvatores

The narration of Beauty

It will be Gabriele Salvatores who will narrate the uniqueness of our Country’s regional territories to the visitors to the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The Oscar-winning film director – selected by a committee chaired by writer Sandro Veronesi – will narrate the Beauty evoked by the very title theme of Italy’s participation in Expo, “Beauty connects People”, which in turn is a declination of the key theme of the Universal Expo: “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.  

The project focuses on regional territories as the absolute protagonists of Italy Pavilion’s exhibition itinerary at the Universal Expo. The Pavilion’s narrative was conceived as the sweep of a glance. Visitors will begin by admiring the landscapes along the exhibition itinerary and will then move down an itinerary of narrative architectures made of the contents that best express Italian competence and beauty: from the cinema to the theatre, from the landscapes to innovative companies and spearheading sustainable technologies. 

Belvedere and ‘Know-Hows’

The narration conceived by Salvatores together with the participating Regions envisages a number of highly graphic and impacting settings that are visible at the Italy Pavilion in two different sections: the Belvedere, with a 360º projection of the most suggestive Italian landscapes; and Italy’s ‘Know-Hows’ screened on a 100-square-meter display capable of showing visitors the very best of the “arts and crafts” of the agrifood, machinery and design sectors as well as of the most sophisticated technologies