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The Pavilion


Beauty connects People

The theme of the Italy Pavilion is “Beauty connects People”, a tribute to the etymology of the word that embraces the sense of the harmony of Beauty, Truth, Good and Righteousness. The Latin root of bellus (beautiful) – diminutive of bonus (good) – refers to the principle of order and proportion first expressed in Greek philosophy: here arises the intrinsic and indissoluble link of Italian culture with the Mediterranean, since the beginning of time the cradle of civilization and of intercultural and interreligious connections and dialogue.

The Beauty here referred to is the element capable of combining multidisciplinary knowledge and competences of the past, present and future: an element that unites and integrates style, cultural and spiritual knowledge, planning capacity and creative ingeniousness with a vocation of tradition and innovation. Beauty, intended as the connector of stories and geographies, is the key word in narrating a unique story, through an itinerary made of theatricality and emotions, but also of creative inspiration and exploration.

The voyage of discovery - The concept design of the Italy Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai was developed by the Rampello & Partners studio with the aim of offering visitors a journey to discover Italian excellence, a "garden of stories", a synthesis of different elements that together they create a language of balance and harmony, a projection of the order of the universe. The cultural contents proposed within the Pavilion are therefore not exclusively attributable to the world of art, museums, galleries or institutions but also and above all constitute a social story of know-how, imagination and projection of future scenarios.

The architectural competition of the Italian Pavilion was won by the project by Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota, it includes an area of 3,500 square meters and is highly recognizable thanks to the roof consisting of three large "hulls" made with the contribution of Fincantieri. The hulls, coated with paints of Gruppo Boero, constitute the largest Italian tricolor in the world

The boat hulls evoke the journey, the metaphor of the quintessence of adventure, intended in the Latin sense of ad-venture: towards something yet to come in the form of knowledge. The nautical theme is also evoked by the Pavilion’s external encircling perimeter, which is made of tightly tied ropes of recycled material (plastic and PET) containing LED lights that, at night-time, light up the façade and make it interactive.