Expo 2020 Dubai: Pre-Expo Theme Weeks

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Expo 2020 Dubai: Pre-Expo Theme Weeks

Ten major themes, ten digital events that anticipated by one year the debate on the key contents of the upcoming Universal Exhibition. And on ten occasions Italy took the lead.

Thanks to over sixty video contributions from Partners and Sponsors, the Italian Commissioner’s Office at Expo 2020 Dubai, launched the pre-Expo global digital events, offering a precious preview of what visitors to our Pavilion are to expect starting from 1st October this year.

From Aerospace, with its technologies and their far-reaching impact on our daily life, to the fight against climate change and the fight to preserve biodiversity. The regeneration of urban spaces, with the need to ensure a decent quality of life for as many people as possible and to return to the community important public spaces that have been stolen over the years by the sprawling growth of cities, to the promotion of intercultural and interreligious dialogue. From the importance of promoting a new model in the field of Education, with Italy as leader of the group of participating Countries with its Peer Mentorship Program and the Volunteers Program, to Life Sciences: a focal issue, especially if we consider the impact of Covid-19 on the everyday life of millions of people.

And then the need to establish new connections and shape a different and maybe even “virtual” dimension of the idea of travel, and the complex universe of Agrifood, that is increasingly at grips with innovation and the challenges of sustainability.

Through to the Global Goals, the United Nations 2030 Agenda Goals, and the manifold connotations of the last issue addressed: Water