Meteo-AppIA: Meteo e clima tramite App e IA

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Meteo-AppIA: Meteo e clima tramite App e IA

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6 December 2021 - 08:00

6 December 2021 - 12:00


6 December 2021 - 05:00

6 December 2021 - 09:00




Education Sustainability



In today's lifestyle there is no human action performed without taking into account the weather forecasts. Till the last decade, acknowledging the weather forecasts was a sort of ritual done before the action of interest leveraging national weather centers services characterized by a coarse space and temporal resolution. With the rise of smart handheld devices the users browse apparently detailed weather forecasts just tapping on an app fancy user interface. This common behaviour generated a misunderstanding in how weather and marine forecast work and about the final role of the mobile apps in this complex scenario. The proposed training camp event has a threefold mission: introduce the audience to the numerical weather and marine forecasts leveraging globally observed and modeled data processed by high performance computing (HPC) systems, improve the local weather and marine forecasts with artificial intelligence predictions (AI), and deep dive the participants to learn the basis of mobile app programming focusing on a weather app with practical hands on tutorials (APPs). Attending the training camp the audience will be inspired to be the creative next generation of computationally powered weather and marine services delivered by mobile apps and, finally, the attendees will know why it is apparently easy to check the weather app. The training methodology will be based on the Challenge Based Learning, an engaging multidisciplinary teaching approach promoted by Apple Inc., encouraging the students to exploit technology to solve real-world problems. The approach is collaborative because it pushes participants to work with peers, teachers and experts by providing a flexible analysis framework, useful for developing the necessary knowledge of a specific area. Finally, this approach enables the students in identifying and solving concrete problems in an effective and strategically pragmatic fashion.

(Event promoted in collaboration with the University of Naples Parthenope)