Working sessions and peer mentoring

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Working sessions and peer mentoring

After opening the competition on October 24, each team is invited to decide autonomously:

– the best video-conferencing platform to use for virtual meetings;
– the schedule of video-meetings and their frequency throughout the four weeks of the challenge.

All teams will have access to a group of peer mentors, selected by the Italian Commissioner’s Office for Expo 2020 Dubai, who will observe and assist the teams in the following activities:

– facilitating the schedule of the first virtual meeting, inviting all team members to join;
– sharing the methodological process to face the challenge;
– mentoring the teams in defining the project and supporting them throughout the stage of competition (from brainstorming to developing project proposals);
– supporting in the internal organization and moderation of the team, with an aim of strengthening the action of team building.

In addition, mentors will support in the production of storytelling materials on the participation of the youth to this programme.

Furthermore, the contest could see the participation of institutional representatives, leading figures and experts which will offer all participants their knowledge, skills and experiences with the aim of supporting all teams in the development of their projects and final products.