The FuturED global digital challenge has a duration of approximately eight weeks and is subdivided into eight major steps:

1. Call for applications opens on October 1 and closes on October 15;
2. By October 22: selected individuals will receive official confirmation of their acceptance and the composition of teams will be announced;
3. On October, 24: a virtual workshop will open the digital competition;
4. Remote team-working sessions open on October 24 and close on November 24;
5. On November, 24: online submissions of the final projects from each team;
6. Starting from November, 24: multiple review sessions with a first stage of screening and evaluation of all submitted final projects;
7. Early December (date to be confirmed): finalist teams will be announced and the winning ones will be awarded a price during a closing ceremony;
8. Follow-up and reward.

The Italian Commissioner’s Office for Expo 2020 Dubai reserves the right to change the days, time and digital platform of the event due to technical or organizational needs by announcing such changes promptly.