The FuturED Challenge

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The FuturED Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically highlighted the limitations of our current school and education systems. By doing so it underlined the urgency of rethinking school and education institutions and paradigms.

The FuturED global digital challenge has set as its mission to support and further develop original solutions created by the world’s youth in response to the most pressing and at times unprecedented challenges that school communities are facing across the world in the wake of
the COVID-19 pandemic.

The main question to be addressed by the teams admitted to FuturED, throughout the continuous duration of the virtual competition, is in line with the statement – Youth rewiring schools & education to surmount COVID-19 challenges. The question is the following: How can we shape a more innovative, inclusive and sustainable approach to school and education, capable of facing up to global challenges?

This approach towards the future of education largely coincides with the vision and the aims of UNESCO’s Futures of Education initiative. Specific sub-topics, which encompass focus areas of the EXPO 2020 Knowledge and Learning thematic week, including the ones from the RewirED global education summit thematic agenda, will be officially presented during the briefing on the first day of the competition, scheduled for October 24, 2020.