Registration, enrollment and teaming up

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Registration, enrollment and teaming up

Registering for the FuturED global digital challenge is entirely free of charge and is open only to individuals who will then be able to form teams at the event with the help of the event organizers.

Individuals wishing to sign up for the FuturED global digital challenge must complete the online registration form at, indicating their personal details. If information provided during online registration is found to be incomplete and/or inaccurate, the individual will be excluded from the competition.

Registration will begin on October 1, 2020, at 3pm (CET time) and end on October 15, 2020, at 3pm (CET time).

Registration does not ensure participation in the digital challenge. The Italian Commissioner’s Office for Expo 2020 Dubai reserves the right to determine the maximum numbers of participants on the basis of technical or organizational aspects. If a limitation of participants is needed, the following selection criteria will be applied accordingly:

1- Gender equality;
2- Diversity in terms of nationalities, cities and regions of origin;
3- Diversity in terms of schools or universities represented;
4- Diversity in terms of age target;
5- The temporal order of the applications.

The individuals selected in accordance with the General Regulations above will receive official confirmation of their acceptance to the FuturED sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of registration by October 22, 2020.

This official notification will also provide:

– details on the virtual opening workshop and all information needed in order to come to the digital platform in which the works are to be held.
– information about the team membership, including names and contacts of the teammates.
– information about the peer-mentor assigned to the team.

The process of teaming-up is fully managed by the organizers and responds to the will to form the teams as heterogeneously as possible.

Teams can consist of at least five team members to a maximum of nine members. Exceptions can be made for teams to have more than nine members on a case by case basis.

Teams may not be changed once the competition has begun. A team can submit only one project for the digital challenge.